H.S. Rags – Brand Compressed Baled Rags

Why it it is so important to maintain a brand name, specially when it comes to IMG_2902industrial Cleaning. Based on decades of trust and consistent strict quality policy H.S. Rags have been able to create a place in the cleaning Industry. Our fumigated, demagnetised and debuttoned 100% cotton fully absorbent rags are available in all forms of packaging starting from 10kg white transparent brick packing to 100kg compressed bales.

Our clientele is endless from Mines to Marines, from Ship Chandlers to Airlines, from Construction sites to Dry Docks, from tools cleaning to household cleaning, from Janitorial cleaning to precession cleaning, from workshop to garages and car polishing, we cater to every section of cleaning industry.IMG_3090

Our capacity to pack and export nearly 500,000 kilograms of cut wipers every month gives us the edge to uninterrupted supply to all our customers around the globe.

Our list of products are endless from cut knit wipers to flannelette wipers, from light and medium cotton to heavy cotton and denim jeans wipers, from bleached white to pastel and darker colours, from neat cut to virgin wipers. We have more than 72 items. For detailed product code and description please download our e-catalogue.

Our clients in the Norther and South America are the biggest consumers of boxed rags packed from 2.5lbs to 50 lbs covering all ranges of cloth rags.