Mix Color Cut Knit Wipers in Transparent Pack

Our mix colour cut knit wipers in 10kg transparent packs are getting even more popular IMG_2120among industrial consumers due to its easy handling being more absorbent. These 100% cotton, colour knit wipers are pre-washed and fumigated before packing in bags. Rags are free from dust, dirt, buttons, hooks, wires and zippers.

Rags are manufactured only from t-shirt material, cut to a minimum size of 12″ x 12″, demagnetised with metal detector, cleaned and packed.

H.S. Rags have always taken the edge over other suppliers by doing everything in-house from cutting to packing thereby maintaining quality and timely delivery that ensures utter satisfaction for our customers.

At the time of oder booking, we take every possible note in order to understand customers specific needs.IMG_2167

All orders executed in time and vessel and arrival schedule is communicated to customers in efficient way.

These 10kg or 22 lb packs are strong enough to withstand seaworthiness and loaded in the container individually. However, if the client needs us to do a palletised loading, it is dully met with an additional cost.

Each 40′ High Cube container can carry about 2,100 packs or about 21 tons of cut wipers

With H.S. Rags, you are at peace of mind with quality and delivery!