Flannelette Cut Wipers, 100% cotton

H.S Rags supplies large volume of flannelette cut wipers mainly from flannel shirts Flannelleteand garments. All our flannel cut rags are cleaned, demagnetised and packed in 10kg clear brick bundles, compressed and capable of seaworthy handling in strong PE bags. These are used for cleaning soft surface of marbles, tools, lint free cleaning is guaranteed with our flannel wipers. Many of our customers in the Australian sub-continent prefer to keep large stocks of our flannel wipers due o heavy demands. At any given time, we maintain a stock of nearly 100 tons of these flannel wipers to cater the urgent needs of our customers in 32 countries.

Flannel packs

If you are in need of our quality flannel rags at affordable rates that you first choice will be H.S. Flannel rags. For product code and information, please download our e-catalogue from the website.

Supplies to: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, New Zealand and Fiji Island